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Best Books for Winter Reading, 2009-2010

Chosen By Book Review Editor Grace Cavalieri

Books are in no particular order


War Bird by David Gewanter. Univ. of Chicago Press, © 2009. 88 pgs. ISBN: 9780226289786
The Cartographer’s Tongue, by Susan Rich. White Pine Press, © 2008. pgs. 106. ISBN: 1-893996-06-9.
Praises & Offenses, Poems by Aida Cartagena Portalatin, Angela Hernandez Nunez and Ylonka Nacidit-Perdomo, translated by Judith Kerman. Boa Editions, © 2009. 84 pgs. 978-1-934414-26-2.
The Greek Poets, Homer to the Present, edited by Peter Constantine, Rachel Hadas, Edmund Keeley & Karen Van Dyck. W.W. Norton & Co., © 2010. 687 pgs. 978-0-393-06083-6.
Carpathia by Cecilia Woloch. Boa Editions, © 2009. 84 pgs.978-1-934414-26-2.
Vegetable Love by Alan Britt. March Street Press,© 2009. 67 pgs. 1-59661-109-x.
By Way Of, Poems by Matthew Nienow, Emily Carr, Diana Alvarez. Toadlily Press © 2009.
68 pgs. 978-0-9766405-4-7.
Sharp Stars by Sharon Bryan. Boa Editions. © 2009. 104 pgs. 978-1-934414-28-6.
Weapons Grade by Terese Svoboda. The Univ. of Arkansas Press, © 2009. 96 pgs. 1-55728-906-9.
Cool Auditor by Ray Gonzales. Boa Editions, © 2009. 104 pgs. 978-1-934414-29-3.
Basking Sharks, Poems and Illustrations by V. M. Fry. X-Libris, © 2009. 89 pgs. 978-1-4415-7147-2.
The Chronicles of Madam X & The Collected Poems of Thalia Xynides, by Ruth Moon Kempher. Illustrated by Wayne Hogan. Kings Estate Press, © 2009. 64 pgs. 1-888832-23-1.
Out of the Welter by Arthur Madson. Fireweed Press, © 2009. 82 pgs. 9781878660237.
Seasons of Lotus, Seasons of Bone by Matthew Shenoda. Boa Editions, © 2009. 88 pgs. 978-1-934414-27-9.

Disrupting Consensus by Michael S. Glaser.The Teacher’s Voice, © 2009/10. 29pgs. www.the-teachers-voice.org.
The Shamokin Monologues by Bernard Jankowski, Drawings by Calvin Edward Ramsburg.
Banty Elysburg, Pennsylvania, © 2009. 47 pgs. 0-9788954-8-7.
How the Hand Behaves by Anne Higgins. Finishing Line Press, © 2009. 27ps. 1-59924-528-0.

The Call: An Anthology of Women’s Writing, edited by Calder Lowe,
Dragonfly Press, © 2009
New Laurel Review Anthology, edited by Lee Meitzen Grue. New Laurel Review, © 2009.
169 pgs. ISSN: 0145-8388.

Poets and Artists, O&S. Dec. 2009. Vol 2, Issue 8. Pub. by Didi Menendez. Creative Dir., I.M. Bess.
Poetry Editors, David Krump and William Stobb. Goss 183: Casa Menendez. ISBN: 9781440400230.
Bitter Oleander, edited by Paul. B. Roth. The Bitter Oleander Press, © 2009. 120 pgs. ISNN: 1087-8483.
Connecticut Review, edited by Meredith Clermont-Ferrand and Vivian Shipley plus staff.
Conn. State Univ. © 2009. 201 pgs. ISSN: 00106216.
Poet Lore, Vol. 104. Number 3 /4, Fall/ Winter, edited by Jody Bolz & E. Ethelbert Miller.
The Writer’s Center, © 2009. ISNN: 0032-1966.
Arroyo Literary Review, edited by Eric Neuenfeldt. California State Univ. c 2009. 88 pgs. ISSN: 1945-39949.
Ocho #26, The Travel Issue, MiPOesias Print Companion, edited by Emma Trelles.
© 2009.Goss 183:: Casa Menendez.

Soul-Hearted Partnership by Debra L. Reble. HeartPaths Media, © 2010. 190 pgs. 978-0-9824040-1-0.

A Solitary Moment by Dan Murano. © 2009. 67 pgs. < dan_Murano@hotmail.com>
Another Washington by Paul Feinberg. © 2009. American Univ. Museum of Arts and Sciences. 37 pgs.

Love, Loss and Law, Documentaries by Vivian Adelberg Rudow. Hollins & Park Music Co. © 2009.
The Shamokin Monologues by Bernard Jankowski, Music by Bruce Bears. B. Janowski & B. Bears, © 2009.

BEST LPs (Yes, you read it right)
The Beatin’s/A Little Give and Take by Stewart Lupton and Carole Wagner Greenwood.
Music and Poetry Stewart Lupton © 2009, in conjunction with art exhibit of new sculpture by
Carol Wagner Greenwood, Civilian Art Projects.

Grace Cavalieri is poet and playwright. She produces "The Poet and the Poem from the Library of Congress" for public radio.

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