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Best Picks Poetry for 2005

My #1 Favorite Book of Poems:

Radio Waves by Genie Zeiger, White Pine Press, ISBN: 1-893996-41-7.

The following poetry books are my favorites among
those read in 2005, and appear in no particular order:

West Pullman by Carolyn Guinzio, Bordighera Press, ISBN: 1-884419-70-4.
Only The Sea Keeps, edited by Judith R. Robinson, Joan E. Bauer, Sankar Roy, Bayeux Arts. Inc.,Canada, ISBN: 1-896209-69-6.
Gagarin Street by Piotr Gwiazda, Washington Writers’ Publishing House, ISBN: 0931846-80-3.
Greek Lyric Poetry by Sherod Santos, W. W.Norton &Co. ISBN: 039306056x.
Blue Cowboy by Jonathan Vaile, The Work Works, ISBN: 091538059.
Consideration of the Guitar  by Ray Gonzalez, Boa Editions, ISBN: 1-929918704.
Na Vota  by Emanuel di. Pasquale, Associazione Ragusani Nol Mondo.
Standing Around The Heart by Gary Fincke, Univ. of Arkansas Press, ISBN: 155728786-4.
The Hoopoe’s Crown by Jacqueline Osherow, Boa Editions, ISBN: 1929918-72-0.
Hardboot by Vivian Shipley, Louisiana Literature Press, ISBN: 0945083122.
Rupture by Patricia Gray, Red Hen Press, ISBN: 1-888996-94-3.
Antidotes for an Alibi by Amy King, BlazeVox Books, ISBN: 09759227-5-0.
Midwest Epilogue  by David Baker. W.W. Norton & Co., ISBN 0-393-06090-x.
Pieces of Air in the Epic  by Brenda Hillman, Wesleyan Univ. Press, ISBN:0-8195-6787-6
Sundays on The Phone by Mark Rudman, Wesleyan Univ. Press, ISBN: 0-8195- 6785-7.
The Precarious Rhetoric Of Angels by George Looney, White Pine Press, ISBN: 1-893996425.
Tender Hooks by Beth Ann Fennelly, W. W. Norton& Co., ISBN: 0393326853.
Wedding Day by Dana Levin, Copper Canyon Press, ISBN: 1-55659-219-1.
The Licorice Daughter by Lyn Lifshin, Texas Review Press, ISBN: 1881515796.
A Matter of Blue by Michel Maulpoix, Boa Editions, ISBN: 1-929918-66-6.
You and Yours by Naomi Shihab Nye, Boa Editions, ISBN: 1-929918-69-0.
The Habit of Fire by Judith McCombs, The Word Works, ISBN: 0-915380-57-9.
Broken Like Job by Donna Denize, The Word Works, ISBN: 0-915380-60-9.
Orpheus in the Park, by Rose Solari, Forest Woods Media, ISBN: 0-938572-43-1.
Willow, Wine, Mirror, Moon, Women’s Poems from Tang China, Translated by Jeanne Larsen, Boa Editions, ISBN:1-929918-74-7.
Poetic Voices Without Borders, edited by Robert L. Giron, Gival Press, ISBN: 1-928589-30-8

Best Teaching Book of 2005

Poetry Home Repair Manual by Ted Kooser, University of Nebraska Press, ISBN: 0-8032-2769-8.

Best Short Stories of 2005

Tin Mines and Concubines  by Hilary Tham, Washington Writers’ Publishing House, ISBN: 0-931846-77-3.
Giovanna’s 86 Circles by Paola Corso, Univ, of Wisconsin Press, ISBN: 0-299-21280-7.

Best Poetry CD’s of 2005

Gargoyle 46”(c) Richard Peabody.
“ Little Wheel” poems by Sibbie O’Sullivan, (c) A Dim Puca Production.
“ Poetry Alive at IOTA Club & Cafe”  (c) Minimus Productions.

Best Literary Magazine of 2005

The Bitter Oleander, Editor Paul B. Roth, ISBN: 1087-8483.
Gargoyle 50, Editors Lucinda Ebersole and Richard Peabody, ISBN:  0931181-19-4.

Best Non Fiction of 2005

Aids In Latin America by Timothy Frasca, Palgrave  Macmillan, ISBN: 1-4039-6944-2.

Best Essays of 2005

The Best American Essays, 2005, edited by Susan Orlean, Houghton Mifflin, ISBN:0-618-35713-0.

These picks for 2005 are by Grace Cavalieri, Public Radio's producer of The Poet and the Poem.

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