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The Devil's Music

Flatiron Films has recently optioned author, Joe Cadora's unpublished manuscript entitled, "The Devil's Music".

"The Devil's Music" is a beautifully written Southern blues saga set against the Depression era South. In a canny, descriptive and humorous style reminiscent of Mark Twain, the author unfolds a compelling story populated by three charismatic lead characters and a host of colorful supporting players.

At the heart of this soulful story is the life-changing relationship of a sixteen year-old, African American prodigy harmonica player, Booker Thadeus Blake and a likable old, guitar playing con man, Mose. As the pair travel the honkey tonk circuit from Kansas City to Chicago, they get caught up in more than their fair share of misadventures, including murder, and must run for their lives.

The two blues men are joined on the road by a sweet, young hooker, Childy with whom Booker falls in love. Childy gets into a bit of her own trouble, but ultimately goes on to attend the Tuskegee Institute and marry Booker. The story comes full circle when Mose is killed by his old nemesis and the young Booker is left to cry for him.

Booker relates his story as an 80 year-old man. He tells us that he wrote this story as a tribute to his beloved and legendary friend, Mose, who he describes as more "myth than man".

Learn more about "The Devil's Music" at: Flatiron Films

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