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Seizing Me Inks International Deal
with Echelon Entertainment, San Jose, CA

September 22, 2003
Media Contact: Jens Michael Hussey
(408) 202-3896

     San Jose Motion Pictures (SJMP), created by the same team that founded and built the Cinequest Film Festival, announces the international sales acquisition of its feature film, SEIZING ME by Echelon Entertainment. SEIZING ME is a provocative psycho-erotic thriller about a troubled yet gifted woman, Rose, who captures three unique people, wanting to seize the pieces necessary to complete herself. The three captives represent wildly different aspects of mind, body and soul. Through the startling use of sexuality, psychological violence and power, the film explores the universal issue of looking outside of one’s self rather than within to become a whole being.

     The relationship between SJMP and Echelon Entertainment is a dynamic one:

     SJMP principal, director Halfdan Hussey’s debut feature, HE’S STILL THERE, premiered to rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival when he was 23; he then co-Founded Cinequest with SJMP principal, producer Kathleen Powell, and proceeded to build Cinequest into one of the industry’s premiere discovery festivals and proponents of digital technologies (Cinequest was named the Top 10 festival in the world by the Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide). Having served thousands of filmmakers at Cinequest, Hussey and Powell now return to movie making. Hussey has completed the first two screenplays (TO THE DOGS, WHIRLWIND OF WHORES) for a series of interrelated movies based on the verities of the human heart.

     Echelon Entertainment is making an aggressive move in the world of both international and domestic movie sales and distribution. Echelon President & Co-CEO, Eric Louzil, and Co-CEO William Blake have successfully run RGH/Lions Share for years. Echelon was formed to handle all facets of media entertainment production, sales and distribution, and has aligned itself with strategic partners Philip Newmark and Dan Fantz of Newmark Communications, and Dale Poniewaz of Profile Entertainment.

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