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Brett Axel

OK — Brett Axel

We arrive at the amusement park at ten
But it takes over an hour
To find a place to put the car.
This is our first visit to Oklahoma
And we are at the state's feature attraction.

Well worth the five bucks we pay
to have our pictures taken with the famous bomb site.
We buy a snow cone and souvenirs
From one of the giftshops on the midway:
For her, a replica of the memorial fence
Complete with pictures of the dead
And miniature, "What Would Jesus Do?" bracelets.
I get the limited edition, signed and numbered
Timothy McViegh action figure.

Off to the far right, we catch a sideshow.
This one is called, "And Jesus Wept."
It is a monolithic statue
Resembling both the Lord Jesus Christ
and Maurice Evans in Planet of the Apes.
His stone back is aimed
At the former Federal building
Now astroturfed over
The decimation of life
As well as hope
That there could really be
A kind and loving God.

And I don't know what Jesus would do
But I know He wouldn't turn his back.

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