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David Humphreys

The Cosmological Argument

Seeking a proof of God he sets out into the tangle
under an overcast sky of dispute, encountering
Anselm, Prior of Bec, part thatched landscape of Canterbury’s
cut-stone future (ontos), nearly eight hundred years
removed from Paley’s teleology of design & causation,
Kant’s flawed favorite; he arrives back at a windowsill
open to sunshine, birds scurrying past baking oven doors
wafting evidence, plain as day, seen sensory &
self-evident, needing no further explanation,
existence humming in ears just returned from
the long burning forest, loving the music of light
shattering eyelashes, fire warm in a distant room,
centuries away, metal tabletop cold beneath his hands here
folded on the promise of a resolution.

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