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Visual Arts Reviews

Visual Arts

These visual arts reviews written by Grace Cavalieri are presented for your pleasure:
Wonders of West Virginia
Beyond Literacy, The innovative photography of Noelle Tan
Another Washington: Photography of Paul Feinberg
A Solitary Moment by Dan Murano:Photographs

Quilting the Sun

Quilting the Sun — Not strictly a review, but a darling of the visual arts. "Inspired by a magnificent quilt created by former slave Harriet Powers which now resides in the Smithsonian, Quilting the Sun stitches an enchanting narrative, pieced together from historical fact, African myth and the brilliant storytelling of one of America’s greatest living poets.".....Centre Stage, S.C.

Grace Cavalieri has authored 14 books and 20 produced plays. She was a founder of radio station WPFW-FM in Washington D.C. Her program " The Poet and the Poem" has been on public radio for 30 years without interruption, now from the Library of Congress via NPR satellite. She has founded two poetry presses in Washington DC. Grace writes for stage, opera, and radio. Her play, Quilting the Sun enjoyed a staged reading at the Smithsonian Institution, and premieres at Centre Stage, S.C. in 2007.

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