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Dragonfly Press — September 29th
in collaboration with
100 Thousand Poets for Change

Presents an afternoon of poetry focused on responsive social activism on a local and global scale…

Chrysalides, a Poetry Collection
by Kathie Isaac-Luke
Dragonfly Press 2010


A review by Phyllis Williams — February, 2012

Kathie Isaac-Luke’s collage of incandescent imagery, stored since childhood and throughout a well-traveled lifetime, is not to be missed. Each line of her skillfully crafted collection is spun gold. It’s title plus the eye-pleasing cover art — a lace-winged dragonfly hovers above a pond — are clues to the central theme. She compares the stages of her life with those we see in nature, the first, for example, titled Emergence, is a series inspired by childhood. …

Looking for Don—A Meditation
by Dai Sil Kim-Gibson
© 2012, Dai Sil Kim-Gibson, 81 pgs.
Forest Woods Media ISBN: 2011943859

A review by Mary Morris
— February, 2012

Dai Sil Kim-Gibson is an internationally known filmmaker and writer on the subject of diaspora and human rights.  Originally from North Korea, she has received awards from both the Rockefeller Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation.  In mid-life, Dai Sil met and married Donald D. Gibson, formerly acting Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities under President Clinton.  Together, they shared a common interest in human rights and a deep commitment to each other.

         Looking for Don is a brave dedication to a husband’s life, following his illness and death.  Dai Sil’s meditations, dreams, poems, photographs, paintings, memoirs, and thoughts braid the deep commitment of her love and loss. …

An Interview with Geoffrey Young
by Phil Johnson
— February, 2012

Geoffrey Young is a poet, a book publisher, and the owner and director of an art gallery in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  And Geoff is a homeboy of mine, having grown up in San Diego, California, attending San Diego High School, as I did.  (Strangely we didn’t meet each other until we were living in the Berkshires.)  It is a special pleasure doing this interview with him. …

Creating Meditatively Cover Page Quilting the Sun - Opens November 10, 2011
A New Play by Grace Cavalieri, Directed by JW Rone

Acclaimed playwright and poet Grace Cavalieri is pleased to open her newest work, Quilting the Sun at the ArtWorks Community Art Center,Theatre and Gallery tonight. Produced by The Palmetto Theatre Xperiment and directed by JW Rone, Quilting the Sun is scheduled from November 10th through November 20, 2011. See the attached for times, and phone listing for tickets.



Creating Meditatively Cover Page Creating Meditatively with Carolyn Dille — April 2, 2011

Meditation and the creative arts share the practices of concentration, mindfulness, energy , an insight. In this daywe'll explore these practices to deepen ad open awareness for creative expression and to bring livelivness and ease to meditation. Please bring materials for drawing and writing and a lunch. 



Schaeffer Brown's Detective Observations: Santa Fe
by Candace Katz
The Bunny & Crocodile Press
Review by Natalie Lobe
— January, 2011

Candace Katz’s second Schaeffer Brown mystery plunges right into the plot when Schaeffer, a private investigator, receives a telephone call in her Arlington, VA office. A one-time college friend, E.J.(Elizabeth Jane Lowell), who is now director of a research center for artists and scholars in Santa Fe, is desperate to find an ancient bowl that was just stolen from the center. Schaeffer is desperate for a new client to satisfy the demands of a new boss so the deal is made. …

Beautiful Country by Robert Wrigley
©2010 P
enguin (Poets),
ISBN: 9780143118374, 112 pgs.

Review by Natalie Lobe — December, 2010

I remember clearly one of his first poems--an assignment for my creative writing course in 1972.  I read it aloud to the class, then asked if this image--"The road wavers like a windy washline"--depicts what a road might seem like to a drunk driver?  I don't recall their answers, but I did realize that this student was able to do what I had asked of him:  to describe for his readers an ordinary incident using language in a new way. …

Holding the Light in Your ArmsHOLDING THE LIGHT IN YOUR ARMS — a reading 7:00 - 9:30 pm
Jacaranda Press presents Calder Lowe
— November 12, 2010

Holding the Light in Your Arms, reading from her latest book of poetry and short stories, by the same name, Calder Lowe, Poet and Author will have musical accompanionment by Dezi DeSiervi, Composer/Accompanist will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Fireside Room on 505 East Charleston Road, Palo Alto, CA. Admission is free, for further information, please cContact kecopeland@aol.com or call 650-494-0541.

The Poet's Cookbook
A New book in English and German — November, 2010

The Poet's Cookbook is a book of poems about food in English,with German translations. It is edited by Grace Cavalieri and Sabine Pascarelli. The 33 featured poets are nationally acclaimed writers, and include Washington DC's Poet Laureate.The poems, along with recipes from Germany,convey the theme that food is a dialogue. We look forward for all to taste of this literary adventure. The book is a collaboration of Forest Woods Media Productions, Inc. and Goethe Institut-Washingon. It is scheduled for a a November 2010 premiere. For more information: gracecav@comcast.net

An Omnibus Review
In Praise of Diverse Voices

Review by Merrill Leffler — October, 2010

Reviewing several books of poetry criticism some years back, Helen Vendler reminded us that all criticism is filtered through an aesthetic point of view, whether or not we give voice to it or are even conscious of what that point of view is. So this is my nod to Vendler – I’ll come back to her later – in writing about recent collections by seven poets from the Washington area: Martin Galvin, Mary Ann Larkin, Barbara Goldberg, Myra Sklarew, Grace Cavalieri, Rod Smith, and Beth Joselow (who after many years in D.C. now lives in Delaware). …

The Poet and the Poem Opens
Its New Season featuring Grace Cavalieri
— October, 2010

Grace Cavalieri's interviews and book reviews have appeared in various journals including The American Poetry Review. Ms. Cavalieri created the original "Poet and the Poem" series on public radio in 1977, and in 1997, "The Poet and the Poem from the Library of Congress" became an outgrowth of that show. Approximately ten episodes from the Library of Congress series are produced each season, and a number of these are being added each …

Lyon Books Presents A Reading of
The Call: An Anthology of Women's Writing
— October 16, 2010

Lyon Books presents a reading of The Call: An Anthology of Women's Writing, published by Dragonfly Press to be held on October 16th at 7 P.M. on 121 West Fifth St. in Chico, CA. Featured readers include: Lara Gularte, Kathie Isaac-Luke, and Calder Lowe. We look forward to seeing you all then! …

Something Deeper Happened: Young Voices and the 2008
Election Avideh Shashaani, Editor, Archbishop Desmond Tutu (foreword)
2010, Publisher: Fund for the Future of Our Children, Washington, DC, 150 pages
ISBN No: 978-0-578-05605-0

A Review by Mary Morris — September, 2010

This collection is an important project regarding the inspiration of youth and their plans following the 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama. With a foreword by Desmond Tutu and an introduction by Avideh Shashaani, President of Fund for the Future of our Children (FFC), three questions were asked of young people, ages 6 to 25. The children were invited to answer in the form of an essay, poem, or visual art. …

A Journey of Two Writers
By Heart/Poetry, Prison, and Two Lives
by Judith Tannenbaum & Spoon Jackson. 198 pgs.
ISBN: 978-098155935-3 (Pbk)

A Review by Dianna Henning — September, 2010

When you open the pages of By Heart: Poetry, Prison, and Two Lives, a Memoir conjointly written by Judith Tannenbaum and Spoon Jackson and published by New Village Press, you also open prison gates and enter the marginalized world of the imprisoned where the clanging of doors as they are opened and closed remains indelibly imprinted in your mind. You also feel throngs of men, the small space, the over-crowding. This is a heart rending book that depicts both writers childhoods, their struggles and eventual transcendence through art, poetry in particular. …

Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004.
The Joy of Cooking (Airport Novel Musical Poem
Painting Film Photo Hallucination Landscape) by Tan Lin
© 2010. Wesleyan University Press. 219 pgs.
ISBN: 978-0-8195-6928-8 (Cloth), 978-0-8195-6929-5 (Pbk)

A Review by Maureen Thorson — August, 2010

There are companies that sell books by the yard. Books thus sold are not to be opened and read; instead, they are a sort of set decoration. Bound law reports are advertised as perfect for adding a frisson of intellectual heft to your living room, while ancient leather-bound books with gilt titles will convey old-money elegance to all who view them nestled on your shelves. Nor is the drive to use books as accent pieces limited to professional decorators; when my husband and I recently purchased new bookshelves that allowed us …

Stroke Alert!

A Benefit Art Show & Sale for Stroke Awareness — August 14, 2010

There are approximately 700,000 strokes affecting people in our country every year, 4,500 affecting those in Santa Clara County alone. Stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer. Many strokes are preventable and awareness of the signs and symptoms of strokes can save lives. Sara Cole Fine Arts Studio is hosting a stroke awareness art show and sale to raise awareness of strokes, and to benefit both the Stroke Awareness Foundation and recent multiple stroke survivor Maraget Cole's long term care and reabilitation. Margaret, 63 has undergone several strokes in the last 18 months and is in need of assistance to complete her rehabilitation and long term medical care and housing costs We are proud to help publicize this to as many people as possible, For more information on strokes, facts, and symptoms, please visit http://www.strokeinfo.org/stroke-facts/index.html or for more general information on strokes, visit the National Sroke Association. …

Writer'sGroupLogoThe Sonora Writers Group presents their recently
published Anthology: Second Saturday — August 12, 2010

Travel with them on a flatbed truck across the dusty west, experience a chamber pot calamity, fingers hanging out a window dripping with blood, an ax frozen to your face, and belly busting jocularity, as authors share their stories and poetry. This event is open to the public and free, refreshments will be served.

Place: Main Library Sonora
Date : Aug.12th
Time : 6 to 8:pm

Following the program, authors will answer questions and have a book signing.
We hope you will attend to support your local library, literature and future reading in the Mother Lode.

Avenue Q The Broadway Musical

Harman Center for the Arts Lansburgh Theater — July 15 through August 15

When was the last time you saw a standing ovation for a bunch of stuffed dolls? At the Lansburgh Theater AVENUE Q  has brought its touring company with a dirty little funny little puppet show (for adults) making us wish it could take up residency on Washington’s J street. Warning: There is full puppet nudity (plus puppet sex) so don’t bring the kids, but do bring everyone else you know to this hilarious adorable not - quite-satire-not -quite - porn show. What does a brilliant idea + talented puppeteers + high jinks technical stage craft+ substantial backing equal?  Well the answer is as predictable as some of the lyrics - …

Contemporary American Theater Festival Opens its 20th Season
at Shepherd University in Sherpherdstown, West Virginia
July, 2010

Contemporary American Theater Festival launches its 20th season at Shepherd University. Ed Herendeen, Founder and Producing Director, has produced 85 new plays, 33 world premieres and commissioned 8 new plays. CATF is still going strong. Five plays are currently being performed through July, 2010.) …

What We Pass On: Collected Poems 1980-2009

by Maria Mazziotti Gillan — June, 2010

Reading Maria Mazziotti Gillan’s Collected Poems What We Pass On is to spend time with an eager intelligence and a love that is not always what we expect it to be. Maria Gillan has opened the meaning of the word poetry – in each poem – to become a vital moment in time. If this writer passes anything on to her generation and the next it is the collateral of truth. She makes courage and honesty the circle where everything else is outside and of no use. So why do we write poetry at all? Perhaps to try for this. …

Gallowglass by Susan Tichy
Ahsahta Press © 2010, 79 pgs

ISBN:  9781934103135.

A Review by Mike Maggio — June, 2010

For those familiar with Susan Tichy’s poetry, they will know the obvious: how much of her work deals with war and loss; how her disjunctive approach to prosody, in which language is often foregrounded over meaning, informs the subject matter at hand; how her interest in collage, in English and Scottish ballads, in language as object and the negative capability of text all spill out onto the page like paint dripping onto a Jackson Pollack canvas, creating poetry which reluctantly surrenders meaning through the dense landscape it creates. …

Othello Synetic’s Othello at the Kennedy Center, Family Theater
Based on the play by William Shakespeare
Adapted by Paata Tsikurishvili and Nathan Weinberger
— Through July 3, 2010

Commentary  by Grace Cavalieri

I wonder if Shakespeare could ever have imagined his work was so good that it needed no text. That is the astonishment of the Synetic Theater’s work, an idea especially provoked by its current production, OTHELLO. The plot is of a Black slave (Roger Payano)captured in battle in Venice promoted to General, who loves and marries Desdemona (Salma Shaw.) Iago, his ensign, one of the most diabolical creatures in all of Shakespeare, seethes and rages in jealousy of Othello. …

by Moira Egan Edizioni L’Obliquo © 2009, 63 pgs.
A Review by Sabine Pascarelli
— April, 2010

Why taint my Porthault sheets/with Everyday, with cracker crumbs/or meaningless inkspots, the joyless stains/of solitary sweat? These are the first lines of the first poem with the title Ars Poetica in Moira Egans bilingual (English-Italian) collection of love poems, many of them written in the first person. What captured me from the first words on, is Egan’s distinctive mix of directness and subtle irony, nothing remains unsaid, and I could not stop reading until the last lines of the last poem, …

La musa lunática / The Lunatic Muse
by Rafael Jesús González

Pandemonium Press,
© 2009
A Review by Carlos Reyes
— April, 2010

When was the last time you were at a theater when the audience roared with laughter. It’s a sound you  hear when high hilarity is on stage as well --in full regalia with expert costumes, sets and great language! The golden gift of theater is its speech. Human beings are the only creatures on earth who can tell a story, and when the stories are in pentameter, rhymed couplets, braided with slang and colloquialisms, we respond not only to the

La musa lunática/The Lunatic Muse,
by Rafael Jesús González

Pandemonium Press,
© 2009
A Review by Yvette Neisser Moreno
— April, 2010

As a poet and translator of Spanish poetry, I am a rapt audience for a book of bilingual poetry, such as Rafael Jesús González’s recent collection La musa lunática/The Lunatic Muse. With this particular book, I was also attracted by the clever double meaning of the title—the word “lunatic” refers to the book’s theme, the moon, as well as the literal meaning of craziness. (Personally, however, I might have translated the title as something like “Crazy-for-the-Moon Muse” in order to make the double meaning jump out more for the English reader.)

The Monkey Tribe by Michael J. Vaughn
iUniverse, Inc. (c)2009. 219 pgs. 988-1-4401-8901-2

A Review by Grace Cavalieri
— April, 2010

Michael Vaughn is the Hunter Thompson of Silicon Valley. His latest novel takes place all around Santa Cruz and the magical places we loved before Prop 13. His protagonist, Jack, is out of work and out of luck but is somewhat of a metaphysical wit and hapless hero. He falls in with a life coach (Ben) who unbuttons the accountant in him and starts him on a ride that has to do with costumer, food, women, skipping stones in the water, pot, food, women, costumes and sex. All in a kind of Zen spin. Let me say, before you believe this is a swim suit calendar with punctuation, that Vaughn writes like an angel (ok a fallen angel in this one) and he is truly a wordcrafter. …

Oliver — Book, Music & Lyrics by Lionel Bart
Based on the novel by Charles Dickens
Toby’s Dinner Theatre of Baltimore
— Through June 6, 2010

Give yourself a quiz. When was the first time you saw Oliver the musical? I took an informal survey today and several said during their high school years in the 80s and 90s, and many of us saw it before that. It may surprise readers to know that the musical premiered in America in 1962, two years after its London debut. Why is this important? For a couple of reasons: Historically, the musical theater is Americas gift to the worlds stage. We birthed musical theater but OLIVER began in England. A real first for the Brits! …

Art Object Gallery Presents A Reading of
The Call: An Anthology of Women's Writing
— April 24, 2010

Art Object Gallery presents a reading of The Call: An Anthology of Women's Writing, published by Dragonfly Press to be held on April 24th at the Art Object Gallery on 595 North First St. in San Jose, CA. Featured readers include: K.E. Copeland, Anne Gelhaus, Parthenia M. Hicks, Kathie Isaac-Luke, and Calder Lowe. We look forward to seeing you all then! …

The Liar by Pierre Corneille
Translated and Adapted by David Ives
Directed by Michael Kahn
Shakespeare Theatre Company
Lansburgh Theatre
— Playing through May 23, 2010

When was the last time you were at a theater when the audience roared with laughter. It’s a sound you  hear when high hilarity is on stage as well --in full regalia with expert costumes, sets and great language! The golden gift of theater is its speech. Human beings are the only creatures on earth who can tell a story, and when the stories are in pentameter, rhymed couplets, braided with slang and colloquialisms, we respond not only to the experience but to the victory in human excellence. …

Kafka's Metamorphosis
Adapted from the novel by Franz Kafka;
Adapted and directed by Derek Goldman
Synetic Theatre — Rosslyn’s Spectrum Theater
Arlington, Virginia
— Running through May 22, 2010

The plot of Kafkas novel is followed closely on stage in this disturbing allegory of a writers decline, self loathing, physical illness, and eventual demise. Gregor Samsa has a mind-deadening job as a traveling salesman. His true passion is writing but this is never proclaimed on the side of power. He is defeated by his daily job and, worse, is overcome by the bravado of a talent that he believes is not truly expressed. Gregor wakes one morning to find he has been changed into a gigantic cockroach, and the presaged pain he feels has finally manifested him into a huge vermin. …

Synetic Theater's Antony and Cleopatra
Adapted from William Shakespeare
by Paata Tsikurishvili and Nathan Weinberger
Directed by Paata Tsikurishvili
Lansburgh Theatre, 450 7th St. NW
— Opening April 9, 2010

The Synetic is unlike any theater I have seen in 50 years of sitting in the audience. It is described as physical theater without a text. Yet what really describes this is to say that the spiritual is made manifest in the physical. Worth the price of a ticket. Yes? The actors are movers, dancers, acrobats. They are sculptures; it is a fluid poem without interruption of image, sound and passion that makes you think we will live forever. …

Wild Nights, Wild Nights: The Story of Emily Dickinson’s
“Master,” Neighbor and Friend and Bridegroom
by Daniela Gioseffi © 2010 Plain View Press 372 pgs.

A Review by Grace Cavalieri
— March, 2010

This is a biographical novel with a scholarly non-fiction afterword on Emily Dickinsons life. The title of the book is taken from the first line of a poem by E.D. These are not the first words we attribute to the staid and formal image of the poet weve been accustomed to. In fact, all previous concepts are broken in the unfoldment of Emily Dickinsons passionate love affair with the mysterious Master. Gioseffi supports the theory advanced by Ruth Owen Jones that the love of E.D.s life, and the fuel for her poetry was William Smith Clark. …

Basking Sharks
by V.M Fry, Xlibris Corporation, 2009, 89 pages
A Review by Natalie Lobe
— March, 2010

Baudelaire said the arts aspire, if not to take one anothers place, at least reciprocally to lend one another new powers. V.M. Frys, Basking Sharks, is a perfect example of this coupling. Each of her poems is accompanied by one of her extraordinary paintings which directly or indirectly linked to the poem…

Columbia College Library Presents A Reading of
The Call: An Anthology of Women's Writing
— March 26, 2010

Columbia College Library presents a reading of The Call: An Anthology of Women's Writing, published by Dragonfly Press to be held on March 26th at the Columbia College Library's Tamarck Hall. Featured readers include: Anne Gelhaus, Lara Gularte, Parthenia M. Hicks, Kathie Isaac-Luke, and Calder Lowe. We look forward to seeing you all then! …

The Call: An Anthology of Women's Writing — Edited by Calder Lowe
Dragonfly Press ©2009, 138 pgs

A Review by Caroline Malone
— February, 2010

Thumbnail of Cover of The Call: An Anthology of Women's Writing“In the dedication to The Call: An Anthology of Women’s Writing, writer and reader are met with a passionate plea to honor the memory of Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez, a 17-year-old who represents the countless marginalized women in our world, women who even in the 21st century, a time when it seems humankind must have progressed further beyond its animal origins, are still suffocated by the greed and power of patriarchy. When one woman’s life is devalued, all women’s lives are devalued, and the poems and short stories in The Call give voice to women who are compelled to establish identity with humor, pain, regret, and sensuality through the word.”…

Judah's Lion by Anne Caston
Toad Hall Press, © 2009, 94pgs.

A Review by Cheryl A. Townsend — February, 2010

In an unassuming, almost Zen revelation, Caston prefaces this collection with the poem “What Seems to Be” reflecting that Sometimes the life I am living/resembles the life I seem to be living… and shares the natural beginning of mornings that “rise, shrouded/in mist” Such an allegory, as these poems seem to be misted with an uncertainty, a queue of conflicted confessions and exhumed emotions exquisitely juxtaposed in poetic explanations. Labyrinths leading to the soul of a mother raising an autistic child while working as a nurse, constantly giving care, knowing its boundaries, her limitations, the yin and yang. The medical field is one of vast juxtapositions. The saving or taking of lives. The terrifying realization that you can…unassumingly…play God. …

Difficult Beauty: Selected Poems (1987-2006) by Luis Alberto Ambroggio
Edited by Yvette Neisser Moreno

Cross-Cultural Communications ©2009

A Review by Cherie Walsh — February, 2010

Editor and translator Yvette Niesser Moreno, in her introduction, and Oscar Hijuelos, in his foreword, place this collection as a strong introduction of American readers to Ambroggio’s work and Ambroggio himself as a poet who stands among writers better known to American audiences, writers such as Jorge Luis Borges and Martín Espada. Spanning twenty years of writing, the collection’s task is to show the scope of the poet’s work while emphasizing more recent poems. Many different translators have contributed, with Moreno editing the full collection, changing some pieces substantially, in consultation with Ambroggio, who is bilingual. The poems appear in Spanish and English, on facing pages.…

Questions of Fire: A Question of Formality by Gregg Mosson
Plain View Press ©2009

A Review by Mike Maggio
— February, 2010

Ever since the US invasion of Iraq, the proliferation of anti-war poetry, by both known and unknown poets, has crammed the pages of books and web sites in almost every corner of our culture. Even prior to this duplicitous chapter in our history, when it was clear that war was merely the purpose, poets responded powerfully and clearly, taking part in a renascent anti-war movement that was to become a major voice against the war as well as subsequent attacks on individual and civil liberties.

War Bird by David Gewanter
The University of Chicago Press ©2009

A Review by Grace Cavalieri
— January, 2010

Poetry is a way of duplicating experience. The experience is only as good as the poem. The value
of the experience determines the value of the poem, then it becomes a referendum for readers. The
poem is made by putting one word in front of the other. How is all this done?  These are thoughts taking
measure of a book that seizes our attention, attention that’s always wanted elsewhere.

As You Like It by William Shakespeare
Directed by Maria Aitken
Shakespeare Theatre Company
— Through December 20, 2009

Let us revisit the original play that Shakespeare wrote. As You Like It is said to have been written in about 1600 and published in a “folio” in 1623. The plot is thin but the language is more than abundant .It is based on a novel, Rosalynde by Thomas Lodge. Our heroine Rosalind (played to the hilt by Francesca Faridany) is banished from her uncle’s court. With her cousin Celia (Miriam Silverman) and Touchstone the Jester (Floyd King), she flees to safety to the Forest of Arden and –cutting to the final chase -- finds true love. Rosalind marries her Orlando (the versatile John Behlmann). …

DINNER DATE by Judith Robinson
Finishing Line Press, 2009
A Review by Natalie Lobe
—November, 2009

Judith Robinson has ordered the poems in this collection so that the cumulative force makes us cling to and savor those few experiences that that one really lives for. The salient message of Dinner Date seems to be transience, pro tempore. Special relationships, events, places slip from our grasp and take on a new perspective with time: some to be cherished, many not. …

Soul-Hearted Partnership by Debra L. Reble, Ph.D.
HeartPaths Media ©2008
A Review by Grace Cavalieri
—November, 2009

Debra L. Reble is a therapist who has wakened to “the possible” and she brings us along with her. She began her journey as we all did with the word “can’t”, in a world made narrow by hardship. Yet; instead of making a moral cause from this abuse and abandonment, she found something that follows friction and emotional forbearance -- a life of balance. Here we have a psychotherapist who writes not as a careerist but one who would arrange our grief unto the daring venture of happiness and worthwhile partnering.

A Solitary Moment by Dan Murano
Photographs, ©2009
A Review by Grace Cavalieri
—November, 2009

A book of photographs by a world class photographer. This is a sampling from a 30-year canon of work: Provincetown, Washington D.C., Zaire, Paris, Virginia, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas and more. What do our thoughts look like? Dan Murano’s sight is magnified by creating images that will last forever. A photographer who is an artist seeks not only to record, but to present his own longings. What Murano’s photos tell us, is that whatever we choose to see can be presented as story.

Another Washington: Photography of Paul Feinberg
American University Museum at the Katzen Art Center
Tuesday through Sunday 11a.m. - 4.p.m — Through October 25, 2009

Paul Feinberg is a photographer who has documented the sights of this city since the 1970’s. This collection comes from that era and just in time to check in on the timelessness of Washington DC, to see what we were and what we are. It is about people, the lives of those who lived here behind closed doors, outside of the fancy hotels and the marble pillars, outside the gray offices, a tangled skein of people who are unraveled individually long enough for us to take a good look at them. Each one has his/her own story line.

The Alchemist by Ben Jonson
Directed by Michael Kahn
Shakespeare Theatre Company
Through November 22nd, 2009

Of his comedies and tragedies, Ben Jonson (1573-1637) is probably best known for “The Alchemist.” Written in 1610, it is too rarely performed in America. This play I’m sure was received differently in the 17th century when jokes about alchemy were emphasized in the original script, at a time when people were familiar with its claims, uses and misuses. We know little of that science now, but Michael Kahn doesn’t worry about that whatsoever. Alchemy is the subject, but human greed

Carpathia October, 2009

Carpathia is a very aptly named collection of lyrical poems and prose-poems, since the word Carpathia refers to the Carpathian Mountains in southeastern Poland, a geographic region that is probably little-known to most American readers. And the poet Cecilia Woloch’s great skill is transporting the reader to new and unfamiliar regions: geographic regions and regions of the heart and soul, including back to some glorious lunacies of childhood, friends from youth, and first love. …

Barbaro October, 2009

In each of nearly 150 poems about the famed racehorse, Barbaro, Lyn Lifshin brings a new slant, a separate nuance, another dimension. The total effect is overwhelming. This collection of poems reaches the reader at many levels: namely the story itself, the impact of beauty on our lives and the universality of grief. …

City of Berkeley Honors Rafael Jesús González September, 2009

The public is cordially invited to attend the City of Berkeley's honoring of Rafael Jesús González on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 7:00 PM in the Berkeley City Hall Council Chambers at Martin Luther King Jr Way, between Allston and Center Berkeley, California.

Phedre September, 2009

Ed Herendeen, Founder and Producing Director of CATF premieres the season with five new productions, plus lectures, readings and other arts events. On three stages are five plays: “The History of Light “by Eisa Davis and ”Yankee Tavern” by Steven Dietz (directed by Liesl Tommy ;) “Dear Sara Jane” by Victor Lodato, “Farragut North” by Beau Willimon and “Fifty Words” by Michael Weller ( directed by Ed Herendeen.) …

Calvin September, 2009

The past, William Faulkner wrote, in Requiem for a Nun, is not dead. It's not even past.

He was referring clearly to his own point of view and to that of other Southern writers, who with love and hate, anguish and self justification, need to gnaw on the bones of their early lives until there is only whiteness left. The first novel Calvin by William Littlejohn is another installment in this obsessive restirring of the thick racist soup that nourishes such narratives. …

Judah's Lion August, 2009

I was not prepared for what I would find in Judah's Lion. There is one thing—the human condition, its beauty and terror. There is another—the rare voice able to speak its lacerations and intensity in distillations such as the poems presented here. Caston's poetry is gripping, her images haunting. …

And by Michael Blumenthal July, 2009

Michael Blumenthal’s stunning new book, And, is an Eliotic celebration of life in the world as continuum and progress. He achieves this through a simple and seductive meditation upon the conjunction, “and,” and the way it enriches the complexity of language as it shapes lived experience. He introduces us to the intricacies of the conjunction with the deceptively simple first line of the Prologue, of which the sole poem is aptly entitled “And"…

Contemporary American Theater Festival Opens its 19th Season
at Shepherd University in Sherpherdstown, West Virginia
June, 2009

Ed Herendeen, Founder and Producing Director of CATF premieres the season with five new productions, plus lectures, readings and other arts events. On three stages are five plays: “The History of Light “by Eisa Davis and” Yankee Tavern” by Steven Dietz (directed by Liesl Tommy ;) “Dear Sara Jane” by Victor Lodato, “Farragut North” by Beau Willimon and “Fifty Words” by Michael Weller ( directed by Ed Herendeen.) …

Greg Hall, 1946–2009

Poet Greg Hall, who lived in Santa Cruz in the 1970's, died Tuesday, June 23 in his San Jose cottage. You can read a remembrance by Stephen Kessler in the July 1 Santa Cruz Weekly and Metro San Jose. You can read the post by Greg’s friend Bea Garth on her blog Eos: The Creative Context and find poems there. F.A. Nettlebeck also has a post on his blog Sewing Memory including a poem. Liz Henry has posted a tribute, some poems and links to three audio recordings (mp3). There will be a Memorial Celebration of Greg Hall’s life and poetry at 6 PM on Sunday, July 19 at WORKS Gallery in downtown San Jose, 451 South First St., San Jose, CA 95113.

The White Bride by Sarah Maclay
A Review by Merrill Leffler
June, 2009

The White Bride is Sarah Maclay’s second full-length book of poems—her first was the provocatively titled Whore (she’s also published several chapbooks). Here’s the title poem, though it’s not what you might expect: …

Lindley Williams Hubbell:
a memoir by Yoko Danno
June, 2009

He was like an ironstone, with the base (the western culture and literature) buried deep underground. Myself being a 'traveler' with only a small compass (intuition), without a map, I felt sometimes a need to keep a certain distance from him so that my 'compass' wouldn't approach too near to the iron. He spurred me to write, with praises, like a good horse-trainer. …

by Lyn Lifshin
A Review by Natalie Lobe
June, 2009

To read Lyn Lifshin’s, Persephone, is to be energized by a flow of poems which catapult through the book’s 181 pages. Prophetically, none of her poems ends with a period so our natural instinct is to read non-stop, absorbing the cumulative effect. Her subject matter ranges from self discovery, love, motherhood, women and poems of place and important events. Although the topics appear diverse, there is a natural, almost urgent flow from one poem to the next.…

Dreaming Invisible Voices
Poems by James McGrath
Drawings by Margreta Overbeck
A Review by Mary Morris
June, 2009

It is said that Mary Oliver speaks for those who cannot—the animal world, the wind, the field. In the poems of James McGrath, there is a sense that he actually embodies creatures and the natural world, often in ethereal terms. …

Design for Living, by Noel Coward
Directed by Michael Kahn
Shakespeare Theatre Company
June, 2009

After writing about a play that I really love, I will nevertheless get emails saying: “But should we go see it?” May I begin this by saving time and saying first: “Yes You Should Go See It!” Through June 28 at the Lansburgh Theatre, 450 Seventh St. NW. Call 202-547-1122 or visit http://www.shakespearetheatre.org. …

Announcement June, 2009

Coro Hispano de San Francisco's IX Fandango, Fri. June 26th & Sat. June 27, 7:00 PM, at the Presidio Officer's Club, 50 Moraga Ave. at Argüello, San Francisco Presidio. Admission Free!

Abraham’s Bay & Other Stories by Jack Greer
A Review by Laura Orem
May, 2009

Since the time of Jonah, people have written stories about the sea. Perhaps it is because we are mostly water ourselves; perhaps it is because, no matter how advanced our technology, the sea eludes our control; but whatever the reason, we are fascinated by stories of the ocean and the people who live and work on her. …

Versed by Rae Armantrout
A Review by Ken Jacobs
May, 2009

Rae Armantrout’s Versed, both the product and producer of intense concentration, never lies down -- no matter what the scope, no matter how I define the perimeters of the elements of the book, whether limiting my attention to the poems, the series of poems, or the segments that comprise the poems. When I seek to identify the found or source material cobbled within or the vividly panned landscapes and environs of southern California that act not so much as metaphor, but as sign posts that draw my attention outward, other elements compel me toward the interior. …

In Praise of Books
An Essay by Denis M. Garrison
May, 2009

When I first began reading, as a child in Tokyo, Japan during the Korean War, it was paper that fascinated me—the exquisite local stationery we used for our childish lessons; the artisan paper used for sumi-e, origami, and other arts. My senses were engaged even as I slogged through the most prosaic reading. Of course, the following years were filled with school texts and those wonderful library books encased in plastic and marked with each book’s history of being read. Towards the end of my school years, in Baltimore, Maryland, I discovered the city’s old books stores and their musty, dusty atmosphere permeated my bibliophilia. …

Quantum Lyrics by A. Van Jordan
Cradle Song by Stacey Lynn Brown
A Review by Laura Orem
April, 2009

Two recent books of poetry attempt to come to terms with the great elephant in the American living room race. They are Quantum Lyrics by A. Van Jordan and Cradle Song by Stacey Lynn Brown. Both of these collections reflect on what race has meant and continues to mean in our country, one from the perspective of a black man; one from the perspective of a white girl growing up in Georgia. …

If the Heart is Lean by Margaret Luongo
A Review by Peter Fontaine March, 2009

If you are like I was, you’ve never heard of Margaret Luongo and probably haven’t heard a thing about her debut collection of stories If the Heart Is Lean. If you are like I was, then this review is for you. I hardly need to address those readers lucky enough to have caught one of these stories found in this slim but dense volume in an issue of Tin House or Cincinnati Review. …

My Vocabulary did This To Me, The Collected Poetry of Jack Spicer
A Review by Richard Harteis
March, 2009

In India once, I was speaking to a group of academics - there are perhaps 100 Ph.D. programs in American literature alone in India, and a professional society just for its caretakers - and the first question that came out of the shoot was the importance of Carribean poetry in American letters. …

BELONGING: New Poetry by Iranians Around the World
Edited and translated by Niloufar Talebi
A Review by Avideh Shashaani March, 2009

Do butterflies long for the cocoon they’ve left behind? Does longing for what is past prevent us from belonging to the present?

Belonging is a translation of works by Iranian poets who write in Persian and have lived outside Iran since the Iranian revolution in 1979, as well as those who were born after the revolution and now live in countries other than Iran. …

ION, by Euripides, translated by David Lan.
Directed by Ethan McSweeny

A Review by Grace Cavalieri March, 2009

Any time a theater piece opens with a red satin banner lowering a godlike figure to the stage, and puppets enact the preamble, in a few sweet gestures, I praise the Good Greek Gods before even knowing the plot. Very few people know this play but we do know that Euripides was the most innovative of the Greek dramatists, perhaps the most iconoclastic. However, in this drama there is no condemnation, more a civic tribute to Athens in an historical time of ongoing war with Sparta.

The Dog in the Manger
by Lope De Vega, translated by David Johnston

Directed by Jonathan Munby
Through March 29, 2009

I was a week late play going because of family matters of illness and health, and when I finally walked into a matinee, every seat was filled. This must be good, I thought. Little did I imagine that I was about to witness the best performance/play/production of 2009 (I realize it is but February, so I will make that 2008 too.) Once in awhile the language, direction, acting and spectacle come together to provide an event so exquisite you cannot believe your good luck.

Let me say that I yearn for language that can be spoken and heard without flaw, language written with high locution and raw hilarity. A playwright largely unknown to me, except in books, I knew to be “the Shakespeare” of Spain. This can be daunting if you cannot speak Spanish so you never expect to fall in love with him. The translation has brought this playwright shoulder to shoulder to an evening with Shakespeare. The adaptation is so witty,

The Collected Poems of Barbara Guest, edited by Hadley Haden Guest,
A Joint Review by Grace Cavalieri and Merrill Leffler February, 2009

What do you do in preparation to review a 500 page book. Well, you set it down in the middle of the room and circle it for awhile, then each day, read a little, each night read a page or two, like the Bible or the Koran. And then decide what poems are thoughtfully arranged and how they sound. A lifetime of work in one volume cannot be overpraised. Given the power to judge it, I demur. Given the power to respond, I’ll gladly take it up.

Becoming Billies Holiday, by Carole Boston Weatherford,
Art by Floyd Cooper

A Review by A.B. Spellman January, 2009

About thirty years ago I attempted to write a biography of Billie Holiday, who many, including me, consider to be the greatest of all jazz singers. After digging around in the alley-to-mansion-to-alley maze that was her life I gave up; the last twenty years, which were lived in a haze of heroin, gin, & mean, exploitative men, were too much of an ugly sameness to write. Now I am given Carole Boston Weatherford’s book for young adults, Becoming Billie Holiday, and I am pleased to write that Ms Weatherford has chosen just the right entrance into this troubled artist’s life.

Inventory, by Cicely Angleton, Elaine Magarrell, and Reed Whittemore

A Review by Ed Zahniser January, 2009

If it hasn’t yet dawned on you that someday you’re worm food—as the Robin Williams character tells his lads in “Dead Poets Society”—you need this book. Not to scare you, but to console, or so you can witness to your own aging. But it’s not a self-help book; if it were, my telling you about it would defeat the purpose.

Taking the Road Where It Leads, by Andrena Zawinski

A Review by Laura Orem January, 2009

One of the pleasures of reviewing is here is the opportunity to write about chapbooks. Chapbooks are often seen as the red-haired stepchildren of poetry publishing, and many journals and reviews choose not to feature them in their pages. This is unfortunate. There is a lot of excellent poetry out there in chapbook form, especially since, as we all know, there are not many opportunities for poets to publish their work as full-length manuscripts. Taking the Road Where It Leads by Andrena Zawinski is an example of the best that chapbook publishing has to offer: a collection of deeply moving, highly crafted poems – a “real” book – it would be tragic to overlook.

The Royal Baker's Daughter, by Barbara Goldberg

A Review by Laura Orem January, 2009

The Royal Baker’s Daughter is a remarkable book of poems. It explores, in familial, historical, and global contexts, the idea of boundaries and conflict, connection and redemption. These poems in a way remind us that all human relationships are negotiations – and that the integrity with which we navigate through them is often the only thing anchoring us to a comprehensible place.

Sum, by Yonat Hafftka

A Review by Barbara Goldberg January, 2009

A quest narrative, the “journey,” traditionally stars a male hero. Not here. Yonat Hafftka travels from origins, to discovery, to investigation all the way to speculation, but her journey is an inward one, one that begins in the dark primeval chaos, a world of dank waters, snakes, hungry dogs. Yet this world also provides nourishment, meager as it is.

Voices, by Lucille Clifton

A Review by Cheryl A. Townsend January, 2009

Winner of the National Book Award, Clifton writes the truths of social injustice…she writes to the very the depths of love .. she sings in harmony. She is. This collection begins in the voices of the subservient, downtrodden, subdued , and persecuted .. be they animals, native Americans, children .. all essentially slaves. All living their lives as intended until man comes along and decides they should be controlled.. altered/forced into service. Owned.

Shakespeare's Twelth Night
Directed by Rebecca Bayla Taichman

A Review by Grace Cavalieri — Through January 4, 2009

Into the raging and sometimes ugly debate in literary circles today over just who has the right to make final artistic and editorial decisions about a book – poet or editor – comes this new collection by Lucille Clifton: a refreshingly collaborative effort between Clifton and her publisher/editor, Thom Ward. Perhaps it is because Ward is a poet also that he is so finely-tuned to what is going on in the poems and makes a book worthy of them, a book which not only showcases the writing, but a book which, in itself, becomes a work of art.

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